The challenge in becoming focused.


Over the years I’ve formed a habit of exploring music, MOOCs, math, economics, news, basic computing, data science and now blogging.

Many successful entrepreneurs have said, one should become entirely focused on just one talent until you’ve mastered it if your aiming to become highly successful at it.

So my behavior appears to be in direct opposition to this law of success. But I can at least say with some certainty, that not having attained a reputation for being a world expert in anything so far, I can at least validate the corollary to that bit of wisdom.

Because I would like to become more successful than I am at the present and if those words of wisdom contain the truth of life’s success formula then I’ll be required to commit to becoming an expert in a skill that ideally will be in demand once I obtain it.

Based on my interest and recent experience I think the field of data science would be a wise choice for many reasons two of which I’ll briefly mention.

The first, is that I have enjoyed the exploration of computing and data science that I’ve experienced in the related courses I’ve enrolled in and completed so far.

The second, is that according to labor statistics, if these can be trusted, the demand for data science skill now exceeds and is expected to continue to exceed their supply for the near future.

The challenge for me though, is to attain a consistent focus on developing the data science skills eventually enabling me to own the extraordinarily high level of expertise spoken of by these successful entrepreneurs.

I have at least begun the journey and so now the challenge will be to stay focused.

61115 or 15 Nov 2016

It’s been two months since beginning this post, since then I have reviewed a course I completed earlier to achieve a better understanding because it was the most difficult one to understand. Following that, I previewed the lectures for the next course and earlier today enrolled in the course, regression models expecting to complete it within a month.

So far I have maintained my focus on learning the fundamentals of data science bringing me a step closer to completing this specialization I began last November.

I have not lost my focus yet on what I set out to do more than a year ago and should easily be in reach of competing this goal by mid 2017 if all goes according to plan. More updates to follow!

61127 or 26 Nov 2016

Making progress, approaching 50% completion in the Regression Models course, just need to complete the third quiz, begin the course peer graded project and simultaneously complete the project and the fourth quiz by the course closing date on 61219. These are quite powerful statistical tools to have available especially the multivariate regression that was just taught. I can see why these skills could be in demand by a lot of different organizations including my own.

The Challenge in Becoming Focused